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“Chrysalis is more than a three-day mountaintop experience for young people.”

The three-day experience aims to deepen young people’s experience of God’s companionship for everyday life and to strengthen their commitment to follow Jesus back into their familiar environments of friendships, school, family, church, and work. Chrysalis supports young people’s return to the world by encouraging and strengthening their local church and youth group connections.

Chrysalis provides follow-up through “Next Steps” and “RUSH”

Next Steps Events are activities and outings scheduled on a regular basis for the purpose of encouraging youth who have or have not participated in Chrysalis to connect, participate, share and fellowship. Check out our Events page for upcoming Next Steps Events


RUSH’s are less frequent, gatherings of all the young people in an area who have participated in Chrysalis for the purpose of renewing relationships, rekindling the fire of faith, and supporting those who have just participated in a Chrysalis weekend.

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