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Sponsor Application
Please review the Sponsor Guidelines and Candidate Requirements before completing.

The security and confidentiality of the information provided on this form is of the utmost importance to the Cornerstone Chrysalis Community and will be held and maintained in a secure manor.

Sponsor Statement
  • Prayerfully consider my role and responsibilities to the participant (Caterpillar).

  • Make myself available to help meet the needs of the new Caterpillar.

  • Properly prepare the Caterpillar for the weekend.

  • Find friends and family to support the Caterpillar by writing “agape letters.”

  • After the weekend, encourage and assist the new Butterfly in finding a spiritual support group.

  • Bring the new Butterfly to the RUSH and Next Step Activities.

  • Continue to work with the new Butterfly as a fellow Christian.


Sponsor fee is $85 and is due by the third team meeting.
Make checks payable to:
or pay onlin
e on the Give Page

Thanks for submitting! A Candidate Application needs to be filled out and submitted before the Board can review the applications. Please share the Candidate Application link with your candidate to fill out their part of the application process or you can download the PDF File here.

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